Sunday, June 1, 2014

The move

A lot of craziness followed the week after my graduation.  The original plan was to pack up that next week and move to Albuquerque on Friday, but Steven rushed me was a little bit excited so my mom, Arthur and I ended up leaving Tuesday afternoon!  We ended up getting there mid-day Wednesday, and Steven and his dad got their Wednesday night with the moving truck.

 Our new home! I am IN LOVE!

Those two were quite the pair.  After Arthur's blessing on Sunday, they flew to Florida to load up Steven's parents' belongings from their rental house in Gainesville.  Then they drove all the way to Houston to pick up some things from their condo, and then to Dallas to load up our apartment!  Finally, they drove to Albuquerque.  They did ALL OF THIS in 3 days!  I'm still scratching my head trying to figure out how they managed that.

Now why did they pick up all of his parents' stuff?? Because they rented a house across the street from us in Albuquerque and we couldn't be more excited about it!  It's going to be so much fun having them near by and I truly mean that.  Can you say 'free babysitter'?

Another fun fact about our move is that Steven and I celebrated our 4th anniversary that very Wednesday!  I wouldn't say it was our best anniversary because I wasn't with him all day, but it certainly wasn't our worst…I happened to have a colonoscopy on our 2nd anniversary and so far that takes the cake for bummer (pun intended) celebrations!  This year was fun in it's own way.  Just like how we started a new chapter the day we got married, we started another chapter this anniversary.

A few days after the move we hit a little bump in the road…or actually I should say large bump.  We got in a car accident our very first Sunday in Albuquerque.  Everyone was fine (minus my sprained ankle and broken toe) but our car was totaled.  Unfortunately we were at fault too :(

How pathetic is this?  Embarrassing…

This put us in a bit of a vehicle predicament.  We still had Steven's truck, but it was 10 years old and had horrendous gas mileage.  So we ended up doing a big switcharoo.  We sold Steven's truck, bought a minivan and a used Nissan Versa.  That way Steven will have something to drive to work that gets better gas mileage and I won't be stuck at home all day!  

 This was obviously before we sold the truck…which was very sad :(

Soooo all in all it was a VERY BUSY first week in Albuquerque!  We feel tremendously blessed.  New house, new cars, new baby and even some new furniture as a graduation gift.  It has been amazing to see how things have fallen into place for us here despite the stress of Steven not matching on match day.  We know this is where the Lord wants us and we are excited to see what's in store for us in our next chapter of life!

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  1. Oh my gosh I can't believe all that happened to you! That is awesome to have grandparents right across the street. Best of luck in this exciting new chapter!