Sunday, October 7, 2012


Friends, school is busy, but we're loving it and having a grand ol' time.  Here are some updates since August:

1.  On August 15th, a new little nephew joined our family.  Little Jimmy (James) is the cutest little guy!  I feel so lucky that I have been down to Houston twice since he was born to snuggle him.  I also feel the need to mention that his mom was a champion and delivered him naturally (and this was her first!)  She rocks. 

2.  Steven finished all 12 weeks of his internal medicine rotation and is now 2 weeks into his 6 week obgyn rotation.  He is liking obgyn much better than internal medicine (weird, I know), but he says he was bored to death doing internal med.  I'll let ya'll know if he delivers a baby in the upcoming weeks.  Once he's done with obgyn, he will have his 6 week psych rotation and then Christmas Vacation!  Partay!

3.  I am on school overload this semester.  Ho-lay Crap! 16 credit hours + 6 hours of volunteer work a week + teaching 6th graders after school until 6pm + primary chorister (with program in Nov) is keeping me busy and I LOVE IT!  Ahhhh...I thrive on being busy.  Busy Amber=Happy Amber.   Another perk about my busy schedule is that it keeps me from bugging/missing Steven.  Let me tell ya, if I were bored at home all day with him being gone all the time and at the hospital overnight once or twice a week I would be a pretty miserable girl!  Luckily with obgyn, he gets his Saturdays and Sundays off!  Yay!  It's always a bummer going to church alone...

That's basically it for now.  My best friend, Alexa, is getting married next week, so hopefully I'll remember and do a post on that.  I am so, so, so excited!! :)