Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This girl is DONE with school!  At least for a few summer months, that is.  Ahhhhh the smell of sweet, sweet freedom.  It's delicious.  Unfortunately for Steven, the studying never ends...but I guess that's the price you pay to be a top notch Doctor, right?  So proud of him.

For the Neeley Crew we have a pretty fun (well, at least for me) summer lined up.  My mom is coming into town to play with me for a few days this Friday...the first week of June my family is going to visit a bunch of church history sites and I'm going to tag along with them. After Steven takes his big medical board exam in the middle of June (seriously, that kid is studying 12 hours a day for this thing, six days a week.  I do not envy him in the slightest) we are going to escape on a fun little cruise with his parents.  After we get home, Steven will start his 3rd year of medical school!!  I can't believe it!  This whole next year he will be doing rotations in the hospital so he's pretty excited about it.  Because he is doing one of his most time consuming rotations first, I'm pretty much ditching him the entire month of July because I would never see him any way.  I'll be back in Arizona the first few weeks of July, and then I'm going to Florida to visit his family the second half.  I'm so grateful to have family that is willing to let me tag along, otherwise I would be SO bored this summer.

There will be the occasional week or two within there that I will be back in Texas so I have lots of pinterest projects lined up for me to do.  And I'll be home all of August so I've gotta have something to do to fill up my days before school starts again.  My sister-in-law should be having her baby sometime in August so there will probably be a quick trip to Houston thrown in there too.

Hopefully I should be better at this blogging thing because I'm a free little bird now.  And hopefully I'll be better with the camera.  I am the WORST at taking pictures, even with instagram.  I was just not born with photo passion I guess and I always forget.  I'd like to think that it's that I'm so passionate and excited about life that I forget, but that's probably not true.