Sunday, October 3, 2010

Texas: Our new home

After a whirlwind experience of dating, engagement, the perfect wedding day and a summer across the country, Steven and I are now nestled into our homey apartment in Irving, Texas. We just love it here! Steven is an official med student and spends a great deal of time at school studying, going to class and anatomy labs, and studying some more. He usually comes home between 8-9 pm, eats dinner, and goes straight to the couch so I can run through some more anatomy flash cards with him. His dedication is truly amazing! I sure can't do what he does everyday. Because Steven is never home, I've made it a priority to keep myself busy everyday as well. I am currently going to school at the University of North Texas and I'm working on getting my BS in Elementary Education. Along with school, I'm also working two jobs. I nanny for 2 1/2 year old twins in Fort Worth and I also work in a call center doing customer satisfaction surveys for car dealerships. With all of this going on, Steven and I have come to LOVE our weekends! We are both really good at managing our time so that we can spend some quality time on Saturday and Sunday. Life is busy, but we are thriving and happy!

With school came a new toy that Steven just loves. His student ID not only offers him sweet deals at the student center and gets him into the library, but it also activates these awesome locked doors to become UNLOCKED. He just has to simply wave the card in front of the monitor, the little red light becomes green and BOOM-unlocked door. He loves it because it makes him feel like a Jedi Knight. Well, to be honest, I was feeling a little jealous that I didn't have such a cool card to take around with me. But to my surprise, I was given one when I was offered a job at the call center! It turns out that all of the doors are locked with the same security system and I also get to be like a Jedi. SWEET!

Speaking of Jedi Knights, Steven has decided that that's what he wants to be for Halloween. I, of course, am going as Padame' Amadala and we have the best costumes. My costume is not quite finished yet, but I have taken the liberty to post Steven in his Jedi outfit.

We love you all, and wish all the blessings the Lord has to offer you. Until next time!

The Neeley Crew of Two.