Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Valentine's Day I'm Sure I Won't Forget...

My Valentine's Day started out like this:

I have the sweetest hubby! :)

BUT...15 minutes later it was this:

(insert horrific picture of my beautiful yellow car being smashed to bits)

Ya. It's been a rough 48 hours since.

Not fifteen minutes after I took the above picture and posted it on facebook a large, red SUV somehow "didn't see me" and merged into my rear right tire (he was switching lanes). I was in the far left lane of the freeway going at about 65-70 mph. I spun out and hit the cement median three or four times. My air bags went off, and somehow I have walked away practically untouched (minus some nasty bruises and a rug burn over my shoulder and collar bone). I have been thanking the dear Lord for saving my life every minute since the accident.

The man who hit me was at LEAST 70 years old, was wearing super thick tinted glasses and was walking funny. It was obvious he should NOT be on the road. Unfortunately, I didn't see who hit me (it happened from behind me and I don't have eye balls in the back of my head!) and the man says he "doesn't know who hit who". We have no witnesses. There were no cameras. And the police don't know who is telling the truth (um, me! Kinda obvious!). Basically, it's kind of an insurance nightmare. My car was only covered under liability insurance because it was considered totaled after the bad tornado/hail storm last May. So if we get any money at all it would be from the old man's insurance company. But guess what? He hasn't even filed a claim yet! And he won't admit that he hit me. Ughhhh...I'm dying. Can I just stop being an adult? I don't like it!

But, I'm alive, when I should be dead. I still have a mission here on earth that I need to fulfill. It was not my time to go (which I am ok with!). We'll see what happens with the insurance. Keep your fingers crossed for us!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Give a girl the right shoes...

So I'm wrapping up on my third week of school and I don't think my mind has made the connection that I'm in school again. Kinda like when I first got married...I couldn't quite get my brain wrapped around that fact. Anyhoo, this nonchalant feeling that I have about school so far is a little weird considering that I've already written 5 lesson plans, read a book, done a book report on said book, taken three quizzes, done homework every night and oh ya, I've also done two observations. Weird, right? I should feel like I'm in school...huh. Maybe it'll click in next week. This is what I have come to realize in the last three weeks:

1. I think I'm allergic to one of my classes. Don't laugh, I'm being serious. Without fail the moment I sit down in that class I get an exploding headache. The moment I walk out I'm fine. I'm trying not to take this as a sign or something.

2. Sadly, I've realized how anal I am about the way I look/other people look. Let me explain. For whatever reason, it is a new super weird trend that all of the college girls throw up their hair in a ratty mess, throw on this gigantic piece of fabric that looks like a rag, but I'm guessing it's supposed to be a shirt, and some yoga pants/running shorts in warmer weather. Trust me, I understand the whole weird college sleep schedule-I did that my whole freshman year at BYU. The only thing I can think of is that it's the alcohol messing with these girls? I'm not quite sure. Anyway, they look like a bag of poo when they are in class. Also, I have one teacher that has some serious hair problems. I'm not quite sure what she washes her hair with, but it always looks slimy and matted to her head. It's pretty gross. I'm not saying everyone needs to dress up nice for school. I'm just simply asking they throw on a pair of jeans, a fitted t-shirt, and comb their that too much to ask?

3. Unlike my high school self, I have noticed that I have become the girl that everyone kind of ignores because she is always in the back corner of the class with her nose buried in a book. I don't know why I've become this weird recluse, but it is what it is. I'm also the girl everyone thinks is a total nut job because I get so incredibly nerdy when class starts. My eyes light up and I'm poised for optimal learning. My fingers are ready to zip away with note taking on my laptop and I have all of my readings and homework color coded and beautifully annotated. Ya, I know. It's embarrassing. I know you know what kind of girl I'm talking about. Everyone had this person in their classes growing up, and now I'm her. I'm pretty okay with it though, it has helped me find my inner Zen with life.

4. I have also realized that I have a better day depending on the shoes I'm wearing. Totally random, right? But, it's true. If I throw on some adorable color-popping flats, or cute boots it just does something to my self esteem and I have a fabulous day. If I throw on my ratty pair of sneakers or mocasins, I don't necessarily have a terrible day, but it's usually just "meh". I guess the quote from Marilyn Monroe is true:

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world."