Monday, October 21, 2013

It's a...


Steven and I will be welcoming a perfect, beautiful, bouncing (I'm sure) baby boy to our family! We are so excited.

Since we found out last week I haven't been able to stop wondering what our little boy might look like.  I personally think I married the most good-looking man in the world, and his childhood pictures are absolutely adorable.  I'm secretly hoping to have a little clone of Steven.  He was the cutest little boy!  I had so much fun looking through his pictures earlier that I thought I'd share a few...

 See???  The cutest!!  Age 4.  

 Steven's 4th birthday

I couldn't help myself...I love pouty faces! Apparently the soup he was eating was too spicy!

These were the earliest I could *safely* find.  They were taken during the Summer of 1991.  I know I have his baby pictures somewhere, but they're way up high and I need Steven to get them down for me haha.

It was also fun to look at his pictures in '91 because that was the year I was born!  It was fun to go back to my albums and find pictures of what I looked like during the exact same summer he was already stealing my heart...

Me and big brother Brandon

And just for kicks...a picture of my brother Jordan when he was almost 3 and myself at age 4.  

It has been so much fun *finally* knowing what we are having!  It just feels so much better to be able to say "him" and "he" instead of "the baby".  Since we've found out, it's almost felt like "Well, of course the baby's a boy!".  It just feels so right, to the point that I wonder why I didn't just "know" like some expecting moms do.  It's just meant to be!  

Stay tuned for the first 20 weeks bump progression...which, I'll be honest, isn't really that much.  But for those who have been asking, it's coming!