Wednesday, February 5, 2014

34 Weeks

It's finally starting to sink in…I'm having a baby!  And I'm having a baby SOON!

Here's the update.

How far along: 34 weeks
Total weight gain: …25 lbs :(
Maternity clothes: Yep!
Stretch marks: I have one.  And it's very small.  
Sleep: This is ironic, but it's almost exhausting to sleep??  The amount of effort that goes behind turning from side to side during the night is getting out of control.  
Best moment of this week: Being able to spend the day shopping and running errands with my mother-in-law on Saturday :)
Miss anything: Sleeping comfortably.  Being able to get up off the couch without feeling like a whale.  Zumba.  Being able to stand up after I've peed without having the last little extra trickle down my leg…oh wait, was that too much?  Sorry.  I'll stop.  
Movement: Still lots of movement.  And it's becoming more and more painful the farther along I am.  
Food cravings: None.  Oh, except the other night I really wanted lettuce wraps.  Steven was kind enough to oblige and take me to Pei Wei.  They were delicious.  I don't really think that's pregnancy related though because I got "cravings" all the time before I was pregnant too.  Poor Steven. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: There isn't a particular food/smell that makes me sick, but I've had a few bouts of morning sickness return within the last week or so.  Ugh, it is so awful. Not nearly as bad as the first 20 weeks, but I was suddenly reminded why I will not be having children super close in age haha!

Have you started to show yet: Yup
Gender: Boy
Labor signs: Lots of contracting.  Not painful, but every day and all the time.  Nothing consistent, rhythmic or uncomfortable.  Just my body getting ready! 
Belly button in or out: Out.  It's weird.  Pregnancy is weird.

Wedding rings on or off: Still on :) no swelling! :)
Happy or moody most of the time: I'm a pretty happy camper.  I'm starting to get uncomfortable, but really, I'm doing great.  I'm busy with student teaching and my job.  I'm happiest when I'm super busy and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I plan on going this same pace until the day I go into labor.  
Looking forward to: My baby shower with my ward this Saturday.  I'm so blessed to have such great friends!

--Amber and baby