Saturday, November 9, 2013

The "Honeymoon" Stage

I didn't think it would ever come.  I didn't think I would ever get there, but around 20 weeks something magical happened and I FEEL AWESOME.  

The most exciting thing about this change?  I love food again!  Steven and I joke that the way to MY heart is through my stomach.  I have missed food so much and it feels great to enjoy it as it was meant to be enjoyed. ;)

Now, I'll be honest, the nausea and puking hasn't completely subsided, but as a whole I am feeling MUCH better these days.  Man, if I had just known that the puking would "only" be the first half, I think it would've saved my sanity when I was 17-18 weeks along.  I was convinced that I was going to be one of the select few unfortunate moms that are sick the whole dang time.  And for the few moms that I know that are like that, I just want to give you a huge hug right now.  

Other fun things as of late:

-I am feeling our little guy move ALL THE TIME now!!  (is it sad that that comes second to me being able to eat food again?)

-I'm pretty much past the "awkward" pregnant stage.  Almost as sudden as the nausea went away, my belly decided to pop!  

-Steven has been able to feel our little guy moving too!  I never thought he'd be able to feel the baby's movements this early, but I've got pretty strong kicker in there…which may be a big issue later on.  Guess we'll see.  

-My maternity jeans and leggings are GREAT.  I could live in those leggings…they are so so comfy!

-No swelling (yet).  My ring still fits and my feet are just fine. 

-My belly button is flat!

All in all, we are happily humming along.  I'm a bit irrationally excited about the holidays this year…partly because my in-laws rented a beach house in Florida for Thanksgiving and partly because I get to spend Christmas with both sides of the family AT THE SAME TIME in Colorado.  It's going to be so great. 

ALSO, THE HOLIDAY FOOD.  Did I mention the holiday food?  My mother-in-law makes these sweet potatoes that are the best, and this blueberry-banana pie that I now look forward to every year.  YUM.  I'm drooling.  Gosh I'm such a fat kid.  I need to stop talking about food…

Speaking of which, dinner is calling!  

Until next time,

Amber and Baby Boy