Thursday, June 5, 2014

He's a Doctor!

I only cried about 6 times during Steven's graduation.  To say that I was overly emotional and exploding with pride is a bit of an understatement.  I wasn't expecting to be so joyously tearful, so I'm going to blame it on post partum hormones.  Words cannot describe the happiness and pride I felt that day.  I think Steven's graduation day makes it in my top 5 favorite memories.

Steven Neeley M.D.

   I cannot get over how cute Artie was in his little cap and gown.  Seriously. And not to make and Asian joke, but all the Asians wanted a picture of my baby and it was hilarious.  

Becky might hate me for putting this picture up, but I just love this picture of Steven with his mom.  As proud as I was, I'm sure nothing can beat the pride a mother feels when her baby boy accomplishes something as big as this.  So special.  

 Steven being "hooded"

Such a special, special day!!

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