Friday, June 13, 2014

Genealogy, I am doing it!

Last weekend we drove down to Phoenix for a photo shoot at the Mesa Arizona Temple.  It occurred to us about a month ago that all 8 of Artie's great grandparents are alive and still married to their first spouse.  They are all active in the church as well.  We realized that this is probably pretty rare, and we needed to get everyone together for some photos.  It was a pretty amazing experience having everyone there, and certainly a special time.

The whole group

 All 8 Greats

 The Great Johnstons

 The Great Tobers

 The Great Neeleys

 The Great Preeces

 Artie with his parents and grandparents

 My little family

 Love the sweet look on his face!

This picture makes me tear up! All of the men.  So neat!

 Four Generations

 Arthur was named after my Grandpa Tober, so we got a picture of my Grandpa with his namesake

 All of the women

 I love this candid photo of the Grandma Beckys.  They look pretty happy!

 Life is always better with TWO Becky Sues!

 My other grandparents will be celebrating their 60th anniversary in just a couple weeks.  Pretty impressive!

 Artie with his Grandma and Grandpa Neeley

 Love this picture!

Artie with his Grandma and Grandpa Johnston

A wonderful day.  

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