Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Steven's Med Research

What are we doing this summer!?

I'm doing the same old, working the two jobs and stuff so I'm pretty boring.

But Steven is doing some AWESOME cutting edge research this summer! Maybe he'll be super awesome and will publish some stuff in a medical journal (which wouldn't be new to him since he published some stuff while he was at BYU). He's so smart! :)

But I'm going to stop right now and say that his research uses animal testing and if you are against it, you might want to stop reading right now.

Pretty much what he's doing this summer, is testing rabbits with post traumatic arthritis with a pain reliever that is typically used for spinal work. BUT, the rabbits don't come to him already having this, so Steven and the Dr. that he's working with have to give them post traumatic arthritis by breaking their knee. Pretty gruesome, I know. I almost started crying when he told me :(. Of course they give the rabbits anesthesia, but it's still sad.

Anyway, after the rabbit has post traumatic arthritis they give them this pain reliever and see how well it works! Pretty cool, right!? The only not cool part is that after a while, they have to put the rabbits to sleep (yes, kill them) so that they can open up the knee and study the tissue.

I personally think this stuff is awesome! So many human lives have been saved, cured and comforted by the use of animal testing.

Also, another little tid bit that might bring you some comfort if you're feeling like the Neeley's are the devil, Steven is doing this research on a pretty atypical bunny. You see, at first I thought he was testing this on something as cute as this:

I love my mom's cute bunny! :)

Not the case. I guess he's doing this testing on these GIANT rabbits from New Zealand. Like, almost dog-sized rabbits. Kinda scary, actually haha!

I have no idea who this dude is. Just a picture from the web. Kinda freaky, huh!?

Anyway, I know it's kinda mean, but I almost felt a little better when I found out he wasn't killing the cute little bunnies. And from what I hear, there is an over population of these huge guys that need to be taken care of. So, why not use them for research?

Well, that's all for now. Steven is officially 25% MD, and he is also a bunny killer! Good thing I still love him anyway :)


P.S. If you think this is bad, you really don't want to meet my dad. Pretty sure he's killed way more animals than my husband ever will! (But his buffalo burgers sure are tasty!)


  1. That is way cool!! I wish I was smart and able to do cool stuff like this!

  2. Amber, just found your blog through fb. Nice to be able to catch up on you and Steven. You'll have to pop on over to mine for a visit!
    Glad to hear things are going well! Grandma and Grandpa told me about your move. Sounds like a good one. That is after all the stuff is hauled!
    Take care,
    Aunt Jenny

  3. wow. That is one huge rabbit! You'd let us know if your hubby was really doing top secret super hero medical stuff thought, right? Like, if he's creating the next "ironrabbit" or "the incredible bunny".....I so want to know if that's the case! :):):)