Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We're moved! And believe it or not we were COMPLETELY unpacked by Sunday night. One of the perks about being a little "crew of two" like us! Here are some pictures.

Church end table + Harry Potter in the back round ftw haha!

I love my new kitchen :)

Guest Bathroom

Guest Bedroom

Man Cave

Amber's desk/study/thing

Master Bedroom

-Crew of Two

P.S. There is also a master bathroom but it looks exactly like the guest only it is forest green and brown. I thought I'd spare you that picture because the only way to take it was to see me in the mirror and I'm currently wearing a mumu and my hair looks like a rat's nest. Consider yourselves lucky!


  1. you have counter space!! All three apartments have had zero counter space in the kitchens! I can't wait to have counter space!!!!!

  2. I know! Our last apartment didn't have counter space. That's why I love my new kitchen so much :) it seriously makes all the difference. Hang in there!