Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Change is good

So the Neeley Team is moving, folks!

Not too far.

Just...to a nicer apartment, with no loitering, and no unsupervised children screaming throughout the streets that hop into your dumpster, and no angry couple screaming at each other during the middle of the night upstairs, and no crazy drunks that pull into the 7/11 that is right by your bedroom window at 3am.

Ya. Good times. Good Riddance. :)

But seriously, it wasn't all that bad.

And we probably wouldn't be moving at all if I hadn't decided to go to TCU.

It's just a lucky bonus that went along with my academic decision (yes!)

Anyway, this week has been fun mixed with a little crazy.

Both Steven and I both work from 9-5 (Steven is doing medical research this summer, which is a whole other blog post in and of itself!) and then we pack and move stuff in my little car from 5-10 and then we sleep.

Why are we not moving stuff in Steven's truck? Good question!

The tornados/hail destroyed both of our vehicles and his is in the shop until July first. So for the time being we're driving around my poor beat up baby (destroyed windshield and all) until we get his back and then mine can finally be fixed.

Ahhh the joys of being an adult, with annoying adult-like problems :) My mother warned me about this. And she was right. My mom is so smart.

So that's the update for now! I'll make sure and post pictures of the new nest when it's up and running this time next week (that's my goal!).

Later gator!



  1. Being an adult is a love/hate thing for me. So glad you are embracing it. LOL!

  2. Moving is always so fun! Wait until your are pregnant and trying to move. Thats when you call mom and mother in laws to help!! =]