Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Luckiness cont. (Part 2)

The first two weeks of July I spent with my family in Arizona.  At first, I didn't understand why they didn't live somewhere cooler and why we were spending money (actually they were free stand-by tickets) for me to fly from one hot place to another hot place.  I am all in favor of my family moving to Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, ect.  Those would be great places to visit during the summer.  But I guess Arizona will have to do!

It was a wonderful trip and those two weeks FLEW by.  The first week was spent up at my parents cabin in Heber, AZ so that was a welcome relief to the heat.  I love being up there.  It was nice to see my grandparents and aunt and uncle over the 4th of July too. 

The second week we were back in Glendale, and my mom got sick which was a total bummer.  She was out for a good 4-5 days there.  BUT, I spent wayyyyyy more time with my brothers on this trip that I normally do which was really good.  I had a lot of fun with them and actually gave them a run for their money while playing Mario Party.  I have some secret sweet Mario Party skills up my sleeve. 

Why I never take pictures while I'm with my family, I have no idea...maybe it's that I am having so much fun I forget ;). 

More pictures and excitement to come with Part 3!


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