Thursday, May 26, 2011

The odd signs of love

Here is a text conversation that I recently had with Steven:

Steven: "Your so cool"

Me: "you mean *you're* ;) and thank you :)

Steven: "....."

Me: "you're killing me smalls! when you use an ellipsis (...) it's only three periods. Unless if it's at the end of a sentence, then it's four (ellipsis + period)

Steven: ..............sorry.............................

Now you may be thinking many things right now.

"Wow Amber, lighten up. It's only texting, jeeze."

Or maybe

"HAHAHA Steven is such a butt!!! Hilarious!"

Or maybe you're not thinking either of those things. The point is, his final response was a sign of love. YES, love. Boys are dumb. Trust me, I grew up with four of them and when they pick on you like that, it means that they love you. I'm so glad I speak "boy" (kinda).

Steven, I love you too! And two weeks is a long long long time to be away from you! (that rhymed :D)


p.s. I'm not an english buff. Trust me. I just have annoying englishy pet peeves :)

1 comment:

  1. Dave and I used to have fun chats like that during our newlywed years...but they were over the phone...which was attached to a cord in the wall...yikes I feel old. Hahahahahaha

    I'm so glad you two understand each others quirks and love each other for them. :)