Saturday, February 5, 2011

The joke's on me!

One reason (among a billion others) I decided to marry Steven was that we would be moving somewhere nice and warm and sunny-just like Phoenix. Dallas is usually about 10 degrees "cooler" than Phoenix year round. After a year in Utah, that was sounding more than fantastic. Don't get me wrong, I miss BYU terribly, and if I had it my way I'd be going to BYU-Texas right now. But the weather...??? Meh, it was something I could definitely leave in my past.

This last week I think our entire country decided to have a second ice age. From what I understand, I'm pretty sure EVERYONE I know was wrapped in their snuggie eating a bowl of warm soup at least once this week. Dallas was no exception. It snowed Monday night, followed by ice Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday. Every school I know of was cancelled for 4 days this week. The reason for that is that Texas does not have snow plows, salt, and they ran out of sand on Tuesday. On Friday morning, this is what Steven and I woke up to...

I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father has a sense of humor. In fact, I can almost guarantee that he's a pretty funny guy. Who else would send a blizzard to Texas??? Oh, and another little plug, it was literally 75 degrees last week when I was playing outside with the twins I nanny for.

Because we we're stuck indoors most of the week, Steven decided that he wanted to make a fancy carrot cake, while I made soups, stews and spaghetti. The cake was very yummy, and it has definitely become a favorite of ours. I can't resist anything with creamcheese frosting...

I have also attached a few pictures of our sweet kitty. We love him SO much! Poor little guy has quite the cold right now along with some worms...:( We are giving him medication for both. He should be as good as new within a couple of days.

(Please ignore the unmade bed and laundry)

(I love this picture!)

-Neeley Crew of Two + Scampsters

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