Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The last two months

Man has a lot happened in the last two months, and man do I STINK at blogging. In my defense, I think I have been much more busy this semester and I have chosen to spend my free time with my hubs. Although...I think I may have given that same excuse last semester so now this excuse probably isn't as credible. I will try to touch on the highlights of the last two months as briefly as I can.

1. Probably the first of which was spring break! I was able to visit my fam in AZ, and Steven was able to ski with his fam in Colorado. Our spring breaks didn't overlap this year which was a bummer, but we still feel lucky to have been able to get away and see our families.

2. The week after my spring break my mother-in-law and Steven suckered me into finally doing a tough mudder!! It was 12 miles, with about 24 obstacles. It was intense, but it was really fun! And the crazy part is, is that Becky and Steven did it TWO times. I joined them their second time around because they went much slower (thank goodness). Steven teases me that I should do another so I can say I ran the whole thing, but I'm thinkin not. This girl doesn't have anything to prove.

3. 14 different tornados hit DFW a few weeks ago and holy smokes was that craziness! Those storms come on so fast. I was at school, and when class started it was cloudy, but nothing was really going on, and within an hour all chaos had broke loose and we were hangin out in stairwells. Thankfully, Steven had gone to school with me that day, so we weren't separated on opposite sides of the town. We were pretty nervous that our place was going to get hit, because there were two just north and south of it. I feel so blessed that everything was perfectly fine. A few miles south of us...not so much. The damage across the metroplex was astonishing. A friend of a friend took this crazy picture from his neighborhood:

4. We finally got a new car!!! I am soooo thrilled. It has been such a pain to share Steven's truck when our schools are 50 minutes apart from each other. However, we were able to spend wayyyy more time together because of the car-pooling and schedule-balancing so that was a blessing during a tough time.

We are loving life! ttfn.

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