Sunday, March 6, 2011

kitty love

So I lied about the 30 days thing. If you're really that stalkerish about my life (which I doubt) and are DYING to see the random things that I like/dislike then find me on facebook.

Anyhoo, I decided I would devote a blog entry to our silly little kitty. First, I would like to apologize to all of the "dog fans" out there and say that I am also a fan of puppies and dogs. I just believe that dogs need a yard and much more attention than Steven and I have the time for right now. Well, maybe "time" isn't the right word. We're just NEVER home. Dogs are very social. Also, Scampi has become our child. Seriously. I just looked through my camera two seconds ago and EVERY picture but one is of him! HA!

Adopting our sweet boy was one of the best decisions ever! Steven was very against it for a while, and it is SO funny how he has come full circle. He can't get enough of him! I think part of the reasoning is 1) he is SUPER cuddly 2) he is really funny and slides and runs into walls 3) and he is so much FUN to play with!!

Our kitty also has quite the goofy personality. I grew up with cats (no more than one at a time though, we weren't crazy people) and there are certain cat "mannerisms" if you will. Some mannerisms that are very common are that they HATE having their tummy touched, you will NEVER find a cat sleeping on his back, and there is no way on earth you could ever cradle a cat the same way you hold a baby in your arms.

Needless to say, Scampi does/likes all of those things. I have a few pictures to prove it.

(best example! HAHAHA)

(sleeping while Dad watches tv)

(this last one was added for extra cuteness. It is also very common for cats to sleep or perch on weird things. A backpack for example...;))

-The Neeley Crew of Two

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