Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The differences between men and women

I realize that you could have a whole blog dedicated to the idea that men are from mars and women are from venus. But here are a few things that I have noticed lately that make our marriage hilarious:

-Steven built a computer. Yes, you heard me correctly. He took a bunch of pieces of I don't know what, got a whole bunch of wires and cords, and built a perfectly beautiful computer. The funny part, he sat me down and told me how all of it connects and works with the most animated voice and facial expressions. The other funny part, I WAS SO LOST THE WHOLE TIME. (But went along like I understood of course. Trust me, one long explanation, that I don't care about, was enough) HA!

-Steven's mom texts little reminders because she knows that if she tells him, it won't happen. Makes me laugh every time!

Now it's time to bash on myself I guess...

-I worry and fuss WAY TOO MUCH: Did kitty get his water? Did I remember to cash that check? Is our rent due? Do I talk funny? Will Steven do well on his test? Will Steven get adequate sleep tonight? Did I remember to turn off all the lights in the apartment? Do you think the air has just enough humidity to ruin my finally perfected hair-do? Will the Bishop notice that I had to take potty breaks during sacrament meeting two weeks in a row now? Seriously, sometimes I need to get a grip.

-The extensive wardrobe is kind of...AWESOME! Oops, I mean, unnecessary. I went through all of my clothes last weekend, filled an entire trash bag that I donated to Goodwill, and it still seemed like my closet was stuffed. And then what did I do yesterday? I bought two more shirts. Ya, I admit, serious weakness of mine...but it was on clearance!

So the moral of the story? Men are awesome. Women are more awesome. I mean, equally awesome. And that's the way Heavenly Father created us to be.



  1. I question myself....All. The. Time.

    It is totally a girl thing.

    Yeah for you donating to Goodwill! I always feel like I'm superwoman when I donate stuff to D.I.

    And many a wife have sat their pretending to act amazingly interested in what their husband is explaining to them that they haven't a clue about. It is an art. A gift. A talent.

    Great Job Amber. :)

  2. hahaha oh Amber I miss you and your quarkiness