Friday, January 3, 2014

It's the final countdown!!

Well friends, I'm 29 1/2 weeks along and I'm about to embark upon the final 10 week countdown.

Is it weird that this still doesn't seem real to me yet?  I'm having a hard time imagining myself a year from now with a 9 month old…

Here's the update!

How far along: 29 weeks!
Total weight gain: gained 13 lbs total
Maternity clothes: Yes, yes, and yes.  
Stretch marks: Nope! (or at least, not yet!) My mom never got stretch marks though so I'm hoping I inherited that :)
Sleep: Aye…it's complicated.  Sometimes I'm ok in the bed and can sleep on my side.  Other times I can only sleep on the recliner (I'm a back sleeper).  Many nights I'm up from 2-4 just because I can't sleep.  The whole insomnia thing is for the birds! 
Best moment of this week: Having a baby shower in Arizona with my aunts, cousins, grandmas and two close friends that still live there! 
Miss anything: Sleeping on my back in my bed.  The ease of putting on shoes without help.  Bending over.  A belly that doesn't itch 24/7.  Hot tubbing.  
Movement: SO much movement. Maybe I'm crazy because this is my first and I have nothing to compare it to, but I'm convinced our little guy is on the "more active" side of the baby movement spectrum.  It is non-stop all day (and night) long.  
Food cravings: I actually haven't really had any cravings while I've been pregnant.  Since I've started feeling better food has never tasted better though! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anymore, thank goodness! 
Have you started to show yet: Umm, yes :)
Gender: Boy!!
Labor signs: I've had a few braxton hicks starting about two weeks ago.  Very weird.  And extremely distracting.  Not painful in the least bit though. 
Belly button in or out: Um, neither?  It's flat and sticks out a little bit when I don't have anything on, but the moment I put on a shirt it pushes it flat again because it's so soft.  I don't really foresee having a hard belly button that sticks out, but I guess we'll see! 
Wedding rings on or off: On, thank goodness.  I already get enough stares from people because of how young I look.  It'd be even more terrible if I couldn't wear my ring!
Happy or moody most of the time: So happy.  In fact, I don't think I've been overly hormonal at all.  I've had exactly three "melt downs" (one was about a week ago…I didn't want to leave my husband haha!) in almost the last 30 weeks.  That's good for a woman even when she's not pregnant! 
Looking forward to: Starting my student teaching on Monday.  This spring is going to be a crazy ride, but I'm so excited to close a very fun chapter in my life, and start a brand new one! 

Until next time!

--Amber and baby

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