Monday, September 30, 2013

Finding out!

It was Sunday July 7th, 2013.  Everything was normal, except that it wasn't.  I woke up to my alarm and got out of bed to get ready for church.

I had no reason to take a pregnancy test that morning.  I hadn't been having any symptoms, and I was still a day early.  But, I'm a notorious "stick-pee-er" and thought, "what the heck".  I was still groggy, and went about my business.  As I was just stepping into the shower I remembered, "Oh ya!  My test!" (literally, that's how non-excited/expecting I was about that pregnancy test that morning).  I was floored to see a positive result!  I collapsed on the toilet seat, put my face in my hands and starting bawling.  I wasn't even expecting to react that way!  I was so overwhelmed!

Once I collected myself I ran over to my cell phone to call Steven.  Half way through the ringing, I realized, "Crap!! I can't tell him now!  He's taking his board exam!".  Yep, he had woken up early that morning to go and take Step 2.  It was an 8 hour test which meant that I had to wait until 5:30 that evening to tell him that he was going to be a dad.  It was 7:30 in the morning then.  LONGEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

It was a whirlwind getting to church, and the primary lesson during sharing time was not easy on my "on the surface" emotions.  It was the first Sunday in July, and the theme that month was "Families Can Be Together Forever".  I was a mess.  I had to keep running back into the bathroom to wipe my eyes so no one would notice.  Luckily I had something fun prepared for singing time that was unrelated to the theme so I was able to act normal.

We have 8:30 church this year, so I was home by noon.  Time went by excruciatingly slow that afternoon, but because I had time on my hands, I figured I could come up with a "cute" way of sharing the news with Steven.  I started going through my book collection and found Dr. Suess's "Are You My Mother?".  I decided that I would write "Father?" and tape it over the "Mother?" on the front cover, write a little note from the baby on the inside cover, and wrap it up and give it to Steven when he came home.

His reaction was perfect.  He had a small look of confusion at first that quickly turned into realization.  He ran over and gave me a big hug and wouldn't let me go.  I think the poor guy was in shock, well actually, I was still in shock too and I had had all day to absorb the news!  However, the shock quickly turned into excitement, and I had to BEG him to keep the news from his parents for a day.  He is the worst liar on the planet so this was asking quite a lot from him.  I had already ordered flowers to be sent to our parents announcing the news and his parents' flowers were being delivered the next day.  My parents, however, didn't receive theirs until the following week.  My mom and I are really close, so that week was a long one for me.  I even lied to her and told her I had started my period that Monday.  I just wanted everyone to be perfectly surprised and not expecting anything at all!  It was perfect!

A little side note- I did overhear Steven later that evening announcing our news to his gamer friends online.  This was hilarious to me.  He was so excited!  But really?  Do you really think these random people all over the world care that you're going to be a dad??  Maybe they're that close, I really don't know.  It was so funny.  The man cannot keep a secret if his life depended on it and he just HAD to tell someone!

All in all, it was the perfect day (aside from the waiting).  We are so thrilled to be parents!  March can't come soon enough!


  1. I love that you lied about your period. That's something I would do. In my circle of friends, we all agree you can lie when it comes to pregnancies. I am just loving following this story!!! You are so cute, and I'm excited with you!

  2. Haha, Jay told my brother when they were golfing because he couldn't keep it to himself with Noelle :)

  3. so happy for you. If you think you are excited now, wait til you hold that little critter in your arms!

  4. This totally took me back to when I found out I was pregnant with Boston. So excited for you!