Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November with the Neeleys

Well, it turns out that I'm a terrible blogger. Oh well. Who's surprised? Not me. The goal is to have at least one good entry a month and build from there. It's better to set realistic goals than those that are absolutely unachievable.

This last month has been fabulous. Steven continues to study hard every day and he is doing very well. His anatomy course is coming to a close and he has his lab final and lecture final this Friday and the following Monday. Since the last time I blogged, he has already completed an entire genetics course and embryology. And by an entire course, I mean at least 300 pages of text book reading for each, with midterms and finals. Along with all of that, he also started Physiology two weeks ago. This will be his first graded class (the others before this were pass/fail) so he is studying extra hard to get good grades! If school doesn't seem overbearing enough, Steven also goes on splits with the missionaries once a week, is involved in two intramural football teams and another intramural basketball team, goes above and beyond his home teaching duties by seeking out and reactivating the less active members and still makes time for me everyday and on the weekends. I am so blessed to have a husband who works so hard!

My life is a little less exciting. The three classes I'm taking this semester are coming to a close and I'm finishing up on a couple final projects. The twins I nanny for just turned 3 and being with them are my two favorite days of the week! They are such a delight to be around and we always do fun things together. My other job at the call center continues to be dull, but the people I work with are friendly and fun to be around so it's really not that bad. In between my two jobs and school I still find that I still have a lot of free time and I get pretty bored (I guess I should be blogging more) so I also got a gym membership. Of course, the gym isn't just another thing to do in my everyday life. I've been feeling really lazy since I'm no longer cheering and dancing so I had to get involved in something that would make me feel healthy. I am enjoying it. And as much as I might hate the way I feel during the workout, I love the way I feel afterwards. Besides my normal daily routine, my life involves the occasional get together with the other first year med wives who are all from BYU. In fact, this thursday were getting together to make Christmas ornaments while our hubbies study for their anatomy exams.

Here's a couple of pictures from some fun recent events:

Introducing Benjamin David Delorey. Our little nephew was born on Friday, November 26th.
He has the sweetest little face! Congratulations to Stefanie, Ed, Jack and Will!

This picture was taken just after Steven's white coat ceremony. He looks so official! I am so excited for him and everything coming his way in the next decade (literally!).


  1. Yeah! Amber blogged!:):):)

    I love reading about your life. Don't feel bad about not blogging more. I think your goal of posting something at least once a month is a great start. You rock. :)

  2. your nephew is by far the cutest newborn ever! 4 of my friends just had their babies and the newborn pictures were just oh a baby. But that baby is sooooo stinkin cute!!! I love it! That gives me hope that my newborn can still be cute right away.... not likely but i now have hope.

  3. Krys: I KNOW!! I want to hold him so bad but I probably wont see him until next september :(. But I totally agree with you, he has the cutest face ive ever seen! And its funny that you see it in the light of it "giving you hope". It totally crushes mine-how can you compete with that!? haha!